⚠️⚠️ As of May 25, 2021: ANIMETRASHSWAG has disbanded due to irreconcilable differences, and I (Skye) will be dissolving the company. I'm selling through all stock and will not be continuing to make merchandise from here on. Everything here is still for sale, and I'm shipping out orders as usual. There has been a huge influx of orders (thank you!) so I'll do my best to get them out quick. ⚠️⚠️
If my art is something you care about & want to keep up with, you can follow me on:
TWITTER: @GEHEST (for everything) and/or @tattobot (for art RTs only)
INSTAGRAM: @tattobot
Below is the FAQ which will stay up (along with the rest of the website) until we're sold out. Thanks a mil for the support over the 6 years everyone!

▼ what's up with order processing?

currently, it could be as long as 3 weeks, but I hope not even that long. I have a LOT of orders to go through (thank you!) so please be patient. if there's anything wrong with you order and it can't be shipped out, I will contact you.

▼ what's up with shipping types?

everything is shipped via USPS. the breakdown of shipping types:

FIRST CLASS: from the day of shipment, items can take anywhere from 2 to 10 business days to arrive, depending on the service in your area!
NOTE: First Class via USPS includes tracking but DOES NOT include insurance if your package is lost or undelivered - if you require insurance please upgrade to Priority Mail shipping!! 

PRIORITY MAIL: from the day of shipment, items usually take 2 to 5 business days to arrive, depending on the service in your area!
NOTE: selecting Priority Mail in checkout does NOT mean it will be fulfilled any faster than our other customers' orders - it does not guarantee a faster fulfillment time!! if you need your items in time for a specific event, just hit us up ahead of time!

INTERNATIONAL MAIL: from the day of shipment, items can take anywhere from 10 to 30 business days to arrive (though it's usually more like 10 to 15 days), depending on your country and the service in your area!
NOTE: any fees, import taxes, custom duty charges, etc. incurred by your country for the items ordered are the responsibility of you, the buyer. if you are aware of the import fees that affect your country and would like us to arrange a method of shipping that will not incur those fees, just shoot us an email!
PLEASE make sure your address is correct!! if you give us an incorrect address & the item gets sent back, YOU WILL NEED TO PAY FOR SHIPPING AGAIN, or opt for a refund (item cost ONLY)
FOR INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: if your package goes unclaimed and gets sent back to us, YOU WILL NEED TO PAY FOR SHIPPING AGAIN, or opt for a refund (item cost ONLY)
shipping prices are calculated by the weight & size of the items, handling & preparing, & packing supplies such as bags, bubblewrap, & insert-postcards!

▼ will I know when my stuff is shipped?

as long as your EMAIL IS CORRECT, you'll get emails saying when it was sent out, when it's out for delivery, and when it's been delivered.

▼ my package wasn't delivered!!

here is the harsh truth. it is VERY VERY RARE that we can do anything about your package after it leaves our house. shipping companies make it their job to make sure they aren't liable for shit going wrong. ATS is not liable for lost or stolen postage - we're just a consumer sending mail, not a corporation with a business account. 
here are some steps to take before you email us:
1. CHECK THE TRACKING - most of the time it will explain what happened. e.g. "incorrect address - returned to sender" or "attempted delivery" - from here you can determine whether you simply need to wait OR pursue further investigation, in which case that means you need to:
2. GO TO YOUR POST OFFICE - physically go to (or contact) your local P.O. to see what's up. (we CANNOT do this for you)
in the rare case the package is marked as Delivered, but it's NOT in your mailbox or front door: usually it's just been marked before the mailperson drops it off. but if it's been a day or two, then it's likely it was either stolen, misdelivered, or the P.O. screwed up. you MUST check with your local P.O. or your neighbors. we can double check to make sure you gave us the correct address, but that's about it :(

▼ What's up with returning & exchanging stuff?

if your items arrive & are defective, please contact us within 3 weeks of the item/s being shipped & we'll swap it!
for instances where the item is not defective (such as: oops I ordered the wrong size) we DO NOT provide a return label - the customer is responsible for return shipping, & ATS will provide shipping for the exchanged item! this includes international orders.

▼ Is this stuff for men or for women?

IT'S FOR EVERYBODY BITCH (just make sure you read the product descriptions for the cut/style & check the measurements to ensure it isn't too small/short/big/long for ya)

▼ How do these measurements in the size chart work?

the size chart is the measurement of the item in inches!
-CHESTthe length AROUND THE CHEST (not armpit to armpit)
-LENGTH: length from COLLAR TO BOTTOM HEM (we usually measure from the middle of the collar/sternum area)
-SLEEVE: length from the SHOULDER SEAM TO END OF SLEEVE (we usually only include sleeve measurements for the jackets & coats)
we can't help you figure out what will fit you best just the way you like it, but we always try to include the material (cotton, jersey, poly-blend, etc), brand (American Apparel, Heritage, overseas or handmade), and fit or style (stretchy, casual fit, loose, etc) in our product descriptions. you can use our size charts to compare the measurements to clothes you already own, and you can learn how to measure yourself to help you understand what will fit you!

▼ How important is my email for real though?

IT'S REALLY IMPORTANT - it's the only way we can contact you in case there's something wrong with your order & it's the only way Shopify knows how to contact you about the shipment status. we absolutely for sure will NOT send you any annoying emails unrelated to your order.

▼ Will you ever restock ___? When will ___ be restocked?

not anymore, as we are currently disbanded and dissolving the company as of May 25, 2021. everything here is last chance!

▼ How should I wash my ATS apparel?

most of our stuff has ink on fabric, and heat is what makes ink start to crack or fade on t-shirts. a cold or warm water wash cycle & a low or medium heat tumble dry is the best way to keep your tee looking fresh without literally doing peasant shit with a bucket in a river behind your house
(for handmade or bulky items, you should hand-wash them or take them to a dry cleaner)