▼ Who and/or what in the hell is ATS?

all of that's in our about page, dog!!
(this seems useless to include in the FAQ since the about page is IN THE MENU, but we're keeping this here for posterity)

▼ What's up with order processing?

we usually try to keep a steady stock of all our items, and we also usually make one bulk shipment of orders per week!! ideally, processing should take 1 day to 1 week. but sometimes processing your order to get it ready for shipment can take a little longer!
- some items will be a PRE-ORDER / MADE TO ORDER item, which means we either don't have the item in stock yet (they're being made & will be on their way to us shortly) or we make the item to order. items with this distinction will say so in their product description, along with a rough "ready by" date!!
- sometimes we're selling at a convention, wherein we are busy preparing FOR the con, busy AT the con, and then busy restocking AFTER the con!! in this case, processing can take around 2 weeks to 1 month, depending on the item & what needs to be restocked. when we are at a convention, we mark our items with a HIATUS NOTE and a rough return date for when we're back to the normal grind.

▼ What if I need an order ASAP?

it's just two of us designing, sewing, gluing, printing, putting together, & shipping EVERYTHING in the store, so sometimes other jobs & life obstacles will get in the way... please forgive us if your order takes a little bit longer than expected!! if you need your swag by a certain time, just let us know!! you can either: 
1. include the date you need it by in the CUSTOMER MESSAGE FORM when you order (NOTE: please give at AT LEAST 2 weeks notice!!)
2. shoot us an email to see what we can do if your circumstances are dire! we completely understand deadlines, so if you have one, don't be afraid to hit us up so we can try to accommodate you!!
NOTE: if you need an item ASAP, it helps to get Priority Mail shipping. It won't speed up the processing time on our end, but it WILL help get it through the post office quicker!

▼ What's up with shipping types?

everything is shipped via USPS from Southern California or NYC!! here's the breakdown of shipping types:

FIRST CLASS: from the day of shipment, items can take anywhere from 2 to 10 business days to arrive, depending on the service in your area!
NOTE: First Class via USPS includes tracking but DOES NOT include insurance if your package is lost or undelivered - if you require insurance please upgrade to Priority Mail shipping!! 

PRIORITY MAIL: from the day of shipment, items usually take 2 to 5 business days to arrive, depending on the service in your area!
NOTE: selecting Priority Mail in checkout does NOT mean it will be fulfilled any faster than our other customers' orders - it does not guarantee a faster fulfillment time!! if you need your items in time for a specific event, just hit us up ahead of time!

INTERNATIONAL MAIL: from the day of shipment, items can take anywhere from 10 to 30 business days to arrive (though it's usually more like 10 to 15 days), depending on your country and the service in your area!
NOTE: any fees, import taxes, custom duty charges, etc. incurred by your country for the items ordered are the responsibility of you, the buyer. if you are aware of the import fees that affect your country and would like us to arrange a method of shipping that will not incur those fees, just shoot us an email!
PLEASE make sure your address is correct!! if you give us an incorrect address & the item gets sent back to us, YOU WILL NEED TO PAY FOR SHIPPING AGAIN, or opt for a refund (item cost ONLY)
FOR INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: if your package goes unclaimed and gets sent back to us, YOU WILL NEED TO PAY FOR SHIPPING AGAIN, or opt for a refund (item cost ONLY)
shipping prices are calculated by the weight & size of the items, handling & preparing, & packing supplies such as bags, bubblewrap, & insert-postcards~

▼ Will I know when my stuff is shipped?

as long as your EMAIL IS CORRECT, Shopify (on our behalf) automatically sends you bunches of emails related to your order & the status of its shipment! You'll know when it was sent out, when it's out for delivery, and when it's been delivered. If your email is wrong, we have NO WAY of contacting you about the status of your order!

▼ My package wasn't delivered!!

1. CHECK THE TRACKING! most of the time it will explain what happened! e.g. "incorrect address - returned to sender" or "attempted delivery" - from here you can determine whether you simply need to wait OR pursue further investigation, in which case:
2. GO TO YOUR POST OFFICE! sometimes they can't (or just don't) deliver it, so you need to go to your local P.O. to see what's up. we CANNOT do this for you, since most of the time you live in a different county, state, or country.
in the rare case the package is marked as Delivered, but it's NOT in your mailbox or front door: it's likely it was either stolen, misdelivered, or the P.O. screwed up. you MUST check with your local P.O. or your neighbors!
ATS is not liable for lost or stolen postage - we're just two consumers sending mail, not a corporation with a business account. if you're afraid of your package getting borked, upgrade to Priority Mail Shipping with the included insurance!

▼ What's up with returning & exchanging stuff?

if your items arrive & are defective, please contact us within 3 weeks of the item/s being shipped, & we'll be more than happy to replace or exchange them for you!!!
in most circumstances, we DO NOT provide a return label - the customer is responsible for return shipping, & ATS will provide shipping for the exchanged item! 
most of the time when someone needs to return something it's because the size is wrong: sometimes our sizes are a little funny, so we list the measurements for everything in the PRODUCT DESCRIPTION~ please check your measurements to avoid having to ship back an item that doesn't fit ya!
NOTE FOR INTERNATIONAL GUESTS: please please please double check the measurements to make sure the item will fit you! shipping the item back to us will be expensive, & ATS doing the exchange shipping will also be expensive....... so let's try to avoid it!!

▼ So... is this stuff for men or for women?

we very firmly believe everything we carry is unisex - it only ever "isn't for you" if you don't wanna wear it!! if you're concerned about the fit or cut of the item/s, that's why we list the measurements & fit of the product in the description!
typically gendered items we carry include anything cropped (like our crop tops & moto jackets) - but seriously..... anyone can wear them if they want. just make sure you check the measurements to ensure it isn't too small/short/big/long/etc for ya!

▼ How do these measurements in the size chart work?

everything is measured in inches!
-the CHEST measurement means the whole length AROUND THE CHEST. not armpit to armpit!
-the LENGTH measurement means the length from COLLAR TO BOTTOM HEM. we usually measure from the middle of the collar/sternum area!
-the SLEEVE measurement means the length from the SHOULDER SEAM TO END OF SLEEVE. we usually only include sleeve measurements for the jackets & coats!
we always include handy information in ALL of our apparel listings describing the MATERIAL, BRAND (if applicable), & FIT of the item!! almost all of our tees are American brand & UNISEX/MENS in size & fit, but some of our items, especially if they're from overseas, run a bit small. if they run small, we'll let ya know!!
if you don't know what any of the brands mean, or if you're unsure if the Heritage brand tee will fit the same as your tried&true medium size American Apparel shirt, that's why we added the measurements (@´ ω `)ノ゙

▼ How important is my email for real though?

IT'S REALLY IMPORTANT!!! it's the only way we can contact you in case there's something wrong with your order! it's also the only way Shopify knows how to contact you about the shipment status, so MAKE SURE your email isn't bogus or an address you don't normally check!
we absolutely for sure will NOT send you any annoying emails unrelated to your order.

▼ Will you ever restock ___? When will ___ be restocked?

we get this question a lot!!! so here is some quick reference that will hopefully quell a potential email:
-if the item is still in the store (as in: still listed, just sold out) then YES, we'll probably restock it!! usually we are already working on getting it restocked.
-if the item is still in the store but one or more of the SIZES are sold out, we are USUALLY waiting for the item to sell a bit more before restocking, but it doesn't guarantee a restock. if this is the case, just keep an eye on it until it gets restocked or is deleted from our product list.
-if the item is no longer in the store (as in: no longer listed or viewable) then we probably WON'T be restocking it, or if we do it will be a radically different design.
typically we try to get stuff back up within 2 months, but it depends on the item & also our creative juices. PLEASE be patient - it's just the two of us, so sometimes it takes a little while, or the base item we use (like a hat or hoodie) isn't available to us!! If you REALLY need to know if or when something will be restocked, shoot us an email - but 9/10 times the answer is something pretty close to the above!

▼ How does the "notify when restocked" thing work?

when an item (including an individual size, color, or other option) goes out of stock, there will be a field to opt-in to restock notifications! that means the SECOND we restock the item, you'll get an e-mail letting you know about it.
NOTE: this is a different opt-in service than the newsletter sign-up! if you sign up for the newsletter, you'll get general restock information in the monthly e-mail we send out. if you want to be alerted for a specific item, ya gotta opt-in for the restock notification!

▼ Are you going to make stuff from ___? Will you ever have a ___ shirt/hat/etc?

we try our VERY BEST to only make merchandise from properties we REALLY LOVE!! sometimes we throw in products we think people would like that maybe we aren't the most jacked about, but when it comes to drawing the art & sewing the garments, we're only really gonna work our asses off on stuff we love & are willing to devote our time & attention to!

▼ How should I wash my ATS apparel?

for screen-printed or dyed tees, sweaters, & varsity jackets, the best way to TRULY PRESERVE the ink or dye is to WASH COLD and HANG DRY - but washing warm & a somewhat gentle to medium heat tumble dry works just fine! don't use bleach. fabric softener is A-OK.
handmade items like the SPARKLE CROP TOP will do best with a HAND WASH with GENTLE DETERGENT - but a cold wash on a gentle cycle should be fine. HANG DRY is always best, but again - gentle, medium heat tumble dry shouldn't destroy it.
additionally, bulky handmade items like the MONSTER FUR COATS or items with a lot of hardware like the SCALE MOTO JACKETS would likely do best going to the DRY-CLEANER!
so basically: COLD to WARM WATER | HANG DRY or LOW/MEDIUM HEAT TUMBLE | GENTLE CYCLES (heat is the enemy of ink!!!)

▼ What cons are you going to? Are you going to ___-con?

you can find our list of upcoming conventions & advice on how to get us at your local con right here!

▼ So you do collabs with other artists? Can I be a part of ATS ▿ GOKUROU?

as of right now: no. if we want you, we'll contact you! sorry, we're picky bitches.