[TAIYOUCON: Jan 11 - 13]
[ANIME LA: Jan 11 - 13]
[SAKURACON: Apr 19 - 21]
*[ANIME BOSTON: Apr 19 - 21]
*[ACEN: May 17 - 19]

[ANIME EXPO: Jul 4 - 7]
*[CRUNCHYROLL EXPO: Aug 30 - Sep 1]
*[AWA: Oct 31 - Nov 1]


* = unconfirmed (but we're hopin!!!)

⚠️⚠️ AS OF APRIL 13: we are at Sakura-con!!! orders made after this date may be delayed until mid-May. orders with LAST CHANCE items or other rare-stock items may sell out at-con: any issues with your order will be emailed to you!

if you don't see the con you're going to in the list above, but you really want us to go: tell them how much you want us there as a guest!!

-check the con's website to see if they have a poll or submission form already set aside for guest requests or suggestions. if they don't have one, send them an email or fill out a contact form!
-tell them WHY you want us there! describe how the con would benefit from our presence (e.g. by adding pizazz to the dealer's room, running panels, increasing attendance, etc.) and include a link to our store so they can see what we're about!!

[NOTE: please don't email us about what cons we're going to or if we're going to a con not on this list - we'll just redirect you to this page!]